Little Known Internet Acronyms


Internet can be a confusing world, even for someone who is using it every day, so we need learn some trendy,little known internet acronyms and words.

Here is handy list of popular internet acronyms to help you.

  • AMA: Ask Me Anything
  • Bae: Babe / Before Anyone Else
  • DAE: Does Anyone Else?
  • Dafuq: (What) the f***?
  • DM: Direct Message
  • ELI5: Explain Like I’m 5
  • FML: F*** My Life
  • FTFY: Fixed That For You
  • Facepalm: Short for “Ugh, idiot.”
  • Headdesk: Supreme frustration
  • HIFW: How I Felt When
  • ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
  • IDGAF: I Don’t Give A F***
  • IMO / IMHO: In My Opinion / In My Humble Opinion
  • IRL: In Real Life
  • NSFW: Not Safe For Work
  • SMH: Shaking My Head
  • TIL: Today I Learned

Comment if you want to add more.

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