Future Of The Internet

future of the internet

Everyone interested in the future of the our lovely internet. We will go throw each and every aspect of internet like What is internet ? What is current state of internet ? What is the future of the internet ? and some other interesting stuff of internet.

What is Internet ?

Internet is simply a way for doing data communication between various devices. When two devices are connected to each other, they can send and receive information like video, song, document.

What is current state of Internet 2017 ?

Our current lovely internet statistics are very interesting.If if talked about devices then survey said that over 8.7 billion devices are connected with each other across internet. If we talk about population then around 40% of the world population has an internet connection, It was less than 1% by 1991. Servers are sending 1.3 zettabytes across the internet every year that means sending all movies ever made over internet every 3 minus. Sad news is still 18 countries does not have internet connection.

Most famous gangam style video broke the number count of YouTube. Generally internet content accessible by google is around 4% of total internet content.Single google search query is using around 1,000 computers in less than 0.2 seconds that’s interesting.35% English language is using over internet,65% Non-English and 15 Chinese language.


What is future of internet ?

It is very hard to predict future of internet but let’s try at some level. Most of peoples believes that internet will become like electricity that means less visible but very important. Internet will change the way we live and communicate with other people.Internet will be not place you go but it will be layer behind everything you will do.

Everyone on world will be connected over internet so that means everything will be monitored like Home, Cars, Human Body etc. Username and Password will be replaced by DNA.

The search will be die because everything will be available on thinking. Text based content will have audio versions automatically . A lot of today services like telephone, radio, TV and more will migrate completely to the Internet.We will not go to the office because we will work from home.

language will not matter. Sites will be accessible by language you speak. The internet of tomorrow will be our guide and resource or may be It will be part of the background,  much like telephones and radios are now. Let’s see.


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